Organization Wide View for Workload Capacity Planning

Hello Asana Community,

We are trying to have our Project Management Office centralize all the resource planning across our entire organization by using the workload feature.

The problem we are facing is that it seems we need to add EVERY project (from every team) manually to our PM Master Portfolio (this way “everything” across the whole organization shows up when we go to the workload section).

Right now this is a heavy manual process that is prone to error… where even missing one project throws things off and the PMs lose visibility.

We thought we could add all the department or team portfolios (that already exist) to the PM Master Portfolio, however it appears if you add a portfolio to a portfolio, then the workload feature becomes disabled.

Does anyone know a trick or have any tips to be able to have every project across the organization roll up automatically into this PM Master Portfolio?

I’m sure other people may be doing organizational wide resource management, but we’re just not seeing any easy automated best practices that will scale effectively.

Thanks in advance!

My turn to feel your pain @Robert_Burko :wink:

I believe this post is eagerly awaiting your upvote: Global Workload (Nested Portfolios with Workload)


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