Global workload: get the workload of your entire organisation or one team

Hi :wave:,

You can discover my latest tool on! This is a way to see the workload of your entire organization, without adding all projects one by one to an existing portfolio.

Feedbacks welcome!


Nice tool…

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I’m testing right now! Sounds pretty cool, Bastien!

Awesoooome job!

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Did it work as expected?

I actually just found out portfolios were limited to 250 projects! If you reach that limit, reach out to me so we can find a solution together.

Very neat idea, @Bastien_Siebman! Hopefully Asana will take notice that there needs to be some sort of “smart portfolio” that adds projects from teams automatically.

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Indeed I am pretty sure most of my tools will get obsolete at one point :slight_smile: it was fairly easy to build in the mean time so I did not hesitate.

The tool now allows you to choose a team rather than the entire org, and get all that team’s projects to be added to a portfolio!

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