Portfolios and Workload: How many Portfolios should you have?

Let’s say: I am a manager with 3 people on my team.

If workload is essentially a tool to track the amount of hours/effort a team is tasked, what is the point of creating multiple portfolios? If I can’t see a full (total hours/effort) workload overview of my team without going from portfolio to portfolio?

Are people then just putting all their projects despite the category under one portfolio, so that way you have the realistic overview? Would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this.

Hi @Hana_Kim, welcome to our Community! I’m moving your post to our Tips & Tricks Section so that other users can view your question and share their thoughts on this use case with you. :slight_smile:

Hey, did that one @Vanessa_N got any answer because we just moved to Business and started creating Portfolios but… I cannot understand how do we see the whole workload of the whole team when you don’t have a global Workload tab but just one on a portfolio basis?

Hi @Boris_Hrsitov, thanks for your message. Currently, this feature is not available across the Organization as a whole, and projects must be manually added to your Portfolios.

I can absolutely see how a global Workload tab would be helpful, and I’d like to mention that the Workload feature is still quite new, so hopefully this can be added in a future update. I have noted your comments for our Product Team on my end!

Please share it with the team, yeap. Not having a workload across your whole team (and cheating it by adding all your projects to a portfolio one) just… doesn’t make sense at all. This, in my opinion, should be one of the first things this feature has to receive as an update… (that’s why you want a service like Asana in first place)