Global Workload (Nested Portfolios with Workload)

Building off mentions in a separate post (below), I believe there is a need to be able to see Workload globally within Asana; whether that is achieved through Nesting Portfolios (Workload not supported there today) or as an inherit feature. In many cases, the effort of individuals is scattered across many projects. Personally, I have well over 250 clients that I serve, EACH with a very unique and customized plan defined within Projects that often 10+ individuals are contributing on. Given such, I’m unable to truly capture my (and others) workload without looking at numerous Portfolios at once.

Thanks for opening this convo @Jerod_Hillard! I’ve gobe ahead and escalated a task to the PM who recently launched New! You can now add Portfolios to Portfolios—create infinite layers of organization. I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end :slight_smile:

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