Global Workload (Nested Portfolios with Workload)

Building off mentions in a separate post (below), I believe there is a need to be able to see Workload globally within Asana; whether that is achieved through Nesting Portfolios (Workload not supported there today) or as an inherit feature. In many cases, the effort of individuals is scattered across many projects. Personally, I have well over 250 clients that I serve, EACH with a very unique and customized plan defined within Projects that often 10+ individuals are contributing on. Given such, I’m unable to truly capture my (and others) workload without looking at numerous Portfolios at once.

Thanks for opening this convo @Jerod_Hillard! I’ve gobe ahead and escalated a task to the PM who recently launched New! You can now add Portfolios to Portfolios—create infinite layers of organization. I’ll be in touch as soon as I have an update on my end :slight_smile:


As a team leader - I have multiple projects across Asana that I am involved in. My direct supervisor needs to see all of my workload, not just what projects they are aware of. Looking at portfolios, it looks like the only way to do that is for my supervisor to round up and add every project I am involved in to a portfolio?

It looks like this doesn’t work for the individual tasks then, correct?

What are your thoughts on a global workload view for an individual person? Either that, or being able to search by person in portfolios and select everything they are involved in to be added to a portfolio (doesn’t account for indv. tasks though)?

I envision a workload tab on my menu that allows me to see all my team members, but also would allow my supervisor to see mine!

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Hi @Kara_Shindle, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! We do have an existing thread for this feature request so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with the existing thread to consolidate feedback :slight_smile:

I will keep you updated on the main thread if this is something our Product team implements for Workload :slight_smile:

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yes i’m new to asana and this was exactly what I was looking for. When will global workload feature be implemented?