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Hi There, a question from a newbie here. As my organization plans out our implementation strategy, we are looking to utilize some nested portfolios. In one instance, there would likely to be around 450 portfolios within a parent portfolio. Within these 450 “sub-portfolios” there could be 5-10 projects each. My question is, would the 250 project limit apply at all to the parent portfolio? Thanks!

Calling the Master of Maximums, @Richard_Sather

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Hi @S_Hickey , you can have a look at this post of mine, which may have something to do with my title that @Phil_Seeman refers to. :sweat_smile:

This post should hopefully help you with your implementation strategy in general, but have a look at section 5 in particular, on Portfolios and Workload. There haven’t been any reports on the limit of how many portfolios can be nested within a portfolio, depending on the total sum of projects, whether they count towards the total amount of projects. It would be an interesting exercise for a rainy day, and I’d rather avoid speculating until then.

However, you mention the ‘250 project limit’ within a portfolio, actually it is 500 projects within a portfolio, but up to 250 projects for the Workload feature to function.

Another issue to note, if you are looking into using the Workload feature, then I would avoid nesting portfolios altogether because the Workload feature (as well as Timeline view) is instantly disabled for the portfolio that contains another portfolio within it. This would only not be an issue if you do not need the Workload feature for your ‘master portfolio’ that would have nested portfolios within it. But you could overcome that scenario if you are on an Enterprise plan and use the Universal Workload feature instead.

PS: @Bastien_Siebman , @Arthur_BEGOU , @lpb , any experience with hitting such limits with nested portfolios?

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No experience with nested portfolio limits from me, I’m afraid.

Only additional point though:

If a portfolio has a portfolio in it, not just the Workload tab will be disabled but the Timeline tab as well.



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Correct! Thanks Larry :+1:
I update my post above to include your point.

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I recall also problems with reporting, for example if you ask for the number of projects in a portfolio, there was a case where it wouldn’t include the projects within the nested portfolios. You would have to double check if it has been fixed…

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