Portfolio max increase to 500 not supported by Workload feature

Very disappointed to have found out, having changed our team workflow, that the Workload feature within Portfolios does not support the increase in maximum amount of projects per Portfolio. ie. if you have more than 250 projects within Portfolios, Workload cannot be accessed or tracked!

As a growing business, we will be working on thousands of projects within multiple portfolios in the future, so this limitation really does limit our ability to support our team growth, and have visibility.

Any suggestions on workarounds? (not just spill over portfolios…)


I did not realize this limitation. Hopefully, the limit will be raised in the future.

@ambforumleader @pforumleader any ideas?


If this is confirmed, that is a huge problem and probably a misunderstanding. There is absolutely no point in raising the bar if not for Workload. And it would break a lot of people’s workflow, like my clients, that have projects being added automatically to portfolios.

@Emily_Roman @Rebecca_McGrath @Marie could you investigate please?

Thanks a lot, cc @Julien_RENAUD


Hi all, thanks for flagging this! I’ve created a task to our Product Team so we can investigate further. I’ll let you know once we have more information :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, our Product Team has confirmed this is currently working as expected. I’m afraid Workload currently doesn’t support 500 projects as Portfolio. We have noted your feedback and this is in our team’s radar for future updates in Workload. We will update this thread as soon as we have any plans to increase the limit.

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us.


wow :scream: that’s a big issue, because anyone automating the addition of projects into portfolios will inevitably run into the situation where they lock themselves out of the Workload feature…

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Hi Emily, is there any update here?
also, what is the reason for Workload not supporting the increase in project limit?

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Probably pretty obvious: it takes time and they did not have the resources/prioritized this.

Is there a place you can see the ‘future enhancements’ that you have coming?

Hey @Bill_Manley,

Asana does not have a public roadmap, however any new feature launches are being shared on the forum and also here.

Hi Emily, do you have any updates on this request? This would be a very helpful feature to increase the number of projects supported in the portfolio for the Workload and Timeline features.

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@Emily_Roman, Just checking the status of this update to asana. Please provide the status of the update:

  • Where is it on the priority list?
    *When can we expect the update?

Asana doesn’t communicate on the roadmap so you won’t have either one sorry.