An option to see all tasks from specific users in portfolio, not just projects

I’ve gotten feedback from managers at my organization that it would be helpful to have a portfolio of their direct reports so that they can see their workload without having to add every single project that their report might be involved with. Essentially they’d love to be able to add specific users or an entire department to a portfolio (or something like a portfolio) and access the workload feature.

Hi @Danae_Bowers. You can indeed add select users to each portfolio. There is also an option to make the portfolio private vs public to the organisation (if they have the link). Here is a guide article with more info: Hope this helps!

Hi @Bernie_Orelup I appreciate your response. However, I’m not talking about sharing portfolios with other staff, but rather a manager could have a portfolio of their direct reports that would include all tasks assigned to them. As it stands now, in order for a manager to utilize the workload feature, they would need to add every single project that their direct reports are involved in to a portfolio which is tedious and requires upkeep.

Hi @Danae_Bowers. I understand now. Sorry for the confusion. You are correct this option not being available. There is an option to run an Advanced Search Report for each direct report (which can work for a quick glance at tasks assigned and effort required). But I see how this could be beneficial in a “Portfolio type” format as well.

Just upvoted - this would be awesome. Another option would be adding the Workload view if you’re in a team member’s profile/task list. This would be super handy for a overview of direct reports’ workloads.

If you go to my website I have a tool called Global Workload allowing you to add every team’s projects or organization’s projects at once in a portfolio so you can access the workload. Would that help?!