Work load for collaborators

Hi, like the work load view for portifolio that comes out of the box, but what about the users that contribute as collaborators. Current view seem to show work load for assignees only. To get the real workload for a user it is required to also show the tasks were the user has a collaborator role. Is there some kind of support for this?

Hi @Kare_Eide

This is a very valid point. For the time being, my only suggestion for you to get a sense on the workload is to make sure the collaborator have clearly defined action items in the project tasks. That is the only way you can create a report to view their real workload within the portfolio itself.

This is one of the use cases that I encourage users to set as agreed rules for using asana. For example:
You have to publish a blog and you created a task to create the article. If you have someone who needs to review the article and comment on the draft, do not add them as collaborators. Give them a task and ask them to review the draft and provide the comments. This will help you best reflect your team’s workload.

Hope this helps.