How to visualize individual team workload

Hey Asanans,

Before we add new tasks for everyone, we’d like a way to determine what kind of workload they already have on their plates. We’re using a custom field for hours each task needs to get seen through completion.

Does anyone know of a way or tool to visualize cumulative hourly load already assigned to each person?

Would really help improve our Asana experience!

This is called Workload, and this is a new feature in the Business tier :slight_smile:Workload: Now rolling out to Asana Business and Enterprise users

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Is there a way to see workload across all projects/portfolios for a given user?

Want to see a comprehensive, universal view if possible.

I think you would need to create a portfolio containing all projects… Can you confirm @Marie?

Yes correct @Bastien_Siebman; in this case @Chris_Marin would need to create a Portfolio containing all project this user is involved in!

That does make sense to have the workload of one person, I would not be surprised if this came along soon…

I’d really like to return to this specific request because since getting workload we’ve noticed that it doesn’t offer a solution to hours accumulated per week for our team. That would be the most useful, not tasks per person. Tasks per person isn’t super useful – some tasks take a minute, some take 40 hours. Hours per person per year would be exceedingly helpful – granular – but very very helpful. Please consider this as an option.

Workload is planned to work in the (near?) future with other KPIs, like a custom field holding an hour count…

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Could you give me a rough estimation on when this “(near?) future” could probably be? :slight_smile:

@Marie can you advise ? (I don’t work at Asana Valeska)


I just came across this forum thread and thought I would note that this feature is now available; for details, see:

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