Hours sharing between collaborators

Hello everyone. Is there a workaround where team members can share\split the estimated level of effort associated with a task? I’m aware of the “collaborator” function, however, making someone a collaborator on a task does nothing in the way of splitting up the hours associated with it.

Long story short, we’re trying to get around having excessive tasks for a shared responsibility


This is related to a favorite topic here: Assign multiple assignees on one task Unfortunately, this was first requested 3 YEARS AGO and there has been no movement on it, so I would recommend finding a workaround.

Hi @Ruth_Gierisch,

In order to keep as much clarity as possible, we aren’t planning to implement the ability to have multiple assignees on one task. You can learn more about our stand on this topic in the thread hyperlink by Stephanie just above. t-The best work around I can think of is to create 2 subtasks and make your parent task dependant on these two subtasks. Important note: Currently subtasks aren’t inheriting the project field from their parent task, so to make sure your subtasks are reflected in your workload, be sure to manually add them to the parent task project (more info here).

Hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!