Add more people to a task in a shared project

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Is it possible to add more the one to a Task in a Asana ? In our case we are often more working on the same task in department?

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According to Asana’s guide, “Every task can only have one assignee, while it can have many collaborators.” (Asana tasks - understanding the basics | Product guide • Asana Product Guide). You may also wish to search the community for more discussion on this topic.

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You cannot do that no, I would suggest assigning copies of the same task to each person.

You can find more discussion on the pros/cons here

Sure but the “My Tasks” section does not include tasks I am a collaborator on. So I am often not aware I should be working on them at all.

Another approach could be to work with task and subtasks described here Understanding Team Member Assignment - #3 by Silvan

My comment was made in 2017.

You need to communicate that to the person adding you as a collaborator. If you are responsible for an action, you should be assigned to a task or subtask. Collaborator is meant to keep you in the loop.

yeah sure

I am being forced to switch to Teams which does allow multiple assignees and also integrates with Active Directory much easier. Teams planner is clunky though, and I wish Asana would at least give the organization the option to assign multiple people to a project. Why restrict this when it may make sense for some orgs?