Why are some of my assigned tasks that include estimates not included in the workload view?

We have several projects with tasks assigned to different team members.
All tasks have hourly estimates.

Under portfolio, when I want to see team member’s workloads, some estimates are included in the workload calculations and other estimates aren’t.

Is this a bug?

Welcome, @Kati_Byrne,

The tasks need to be members of a project that’s listed in the portfolio.

One thing that might trip you up is if they are subtasks of a task that’s a member of the project; that doesn’t qualify. You can view the subtask in the task detail pane and type Tab+P and add it to the project and it will appear in the Workload. You can specify that it should be housed in a “Hidden Subtasks” section in that project and keep that section collapsed at the end if you prefer.



@lpb thank you, Larry, for your response.

All the tasks in question are members of a project that’s listed in the portfolio.

However, the hours in the estimates don’t add up to the hours in the workload.

Here is an example of three tasks. I have given them an estimate of 1hr each and stretched them across the week i.e. in total it should be 3hrs spread across the week, not 3hrs per day.

How are the hours in the workload calculated? Should it not add up all the hours for that particular day?

Here is the user story to clarify what I am trying to achieve:

As a programme manager, I would like to use the workload view for resource management and capacity planning, so that when I look at each team members’ workload hours I can see whether they are over booked or have spare capacity.

Either the workload functionality is buggy or it’s not supposed to fulfil the above user story. Here are the two main bugs/issues I have come across:

  • the estimates of some assigned tasks that are members of projects listed in the portfolio are not included in the workload figure
  • the estimates of some assigned tasks that are members of projects listed in the portfolio are included in the workload figure, but multiplied by the number of days the tasks stretch over (see above example in my previous comment)

This is a different question to the first one you posed.

I think you might want to contact Support because they can access your account.

To create a support ticket, go to Asana Support - Help Center • Asana (make sure you are logged in to Asana) > click the chat icon at the bottom right > type “speak to an agent” > click “Yes” > click “Something Else” > click “Create a support ticket.”



Larry, please see my follow up comment with the user story and two issues relating to the hours in workload.

I was just wondering whether workload has bugs, which is why it’s not behaving as expected.

Ok, two separate problems.

There could be bugs in Workload but just looking in Bugs I only found the following, which doesn’t really apply:

I think you’d need to check with Support. (Or try really isolating to the simplest possible example, maybe checking workload settings, to see if you can see what’s happening.)