Native field "Estimated Time" used in the resource management´s portfolio are not showing subtasks hours allocated

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Steps to reproduce:
Create a Project, a Task and multiples subtask and assign to the user X. Add native-field Estimated Time (In portuguese “Duração Estimada”)
Fill only the subtasks with hours estimated. So you will have the sum of all hours in the task that contains the subtasks.
Create a portfolio and add this project. In the resource management of the portfolio filter only the user X and verify that the hours allocated to the task created are not showing.

Browser version:
ASANA Application from Microsoft Store and Microsoft Edge for Business Version 119.0.2151.44 (Official Compilation) (64 bits)

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?

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This is currently expected behaviour, the Business version of the Workload doesn’t count subtasks. I know that the Enterprise version (Universal Workload) does or will soon.

My company has the Enterprise version.

It´s not an expected behavior. If there is a counting in the List visualization, it has to be also in the portfolio. If they don´t have implemented yet they have to disable the counting on the list so we can put mannualy.

If you try to put the hours manually it “sum” with the subtasks hours.

I don’t work for Asana, I am just relaying what they will say.