Hours Field Not Counting (Dashboard Chart)

Hi All, i’m hoping someone can help me.

I am trying to track progress of my project by having two columns (fields) “Estimated Hours Left” and “Actual Hours”. The idea being that when a task is completed, the “Actual Hours” field number will be changed to “0” (Manually) which will update the Sum.

The issue I am having is that in Dashboard, when I create the chart to display the “Actual Hours” count, it doesn’t include all the hours. I’m aware I can highlight all tasks in List View and it will show me the Sum but I wanted an easy look chart in Dashboard. Odd thing is I had this working fine and then randomly I went to view the results there, after updating all the tasks “Actual Hours” and now it’s broken.

I’ve included an image of each of my screens. Sorry it’s one image with 4 screenshots, i’m a relatively new member so it only allows me to include 1 image in my posts at the moment.

Any help anyone can provide me will be highly appreciated, as it will save me so much time during the project if I can get this working.

Thanks in advance!


Forgot to include, I have highlighted the Sum of the section tasks hours, which is 43. Notice however the chart shows 16 as the Hours Remaining.

Hi @Petros_Georgiou
Welcome to the Asana forum,
I’ve tried to reproduce your example but I couldn’t. My numbers are ok.

Did you check all filters in dashboard’s chart? You have 3 filters on screen but we can see only 2.

Yes, I didn’t catch that before on your screen. Subtask’s field doesn’t count at dashboard until you add this subtasks to project list (main pane).

I have re-tried this and it does appear to be that it doesn’t count any “Actual Hours” that are on subtasks. The reason I thought it didn’t work the first time I tried this test, was that I didn’t wait long enough for it to update.

That said however, it doesn’t explain how it was working before and now isn’t.

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Ah ok, that’s a shame. I’ve been trying to find ways to track projects via Asana but all the ‘workarounds’ I try seem to face obstacles.

I’ll see what else I can do, thanks so much for your help. :slight_smile:

No problem, let me know if you need to discuss how to move your workflows to Asana - maybe I can help.

@Charlie_Pilch just to clarify, these subtasks in this image (how it is currently) don’t count “Actual Hours” in Dashboard?

Yes, exactly. Here are my screens to clarify:

If you need something “like” subtasks, you can prepare something like this, without subtasks:

What I was aiming to do was create a way to know if we are on track for our project or not.

My thought was to decide what the weekly target “Remaining Hours of Work” is and then using the “Actual Hours” from my Asana field, I could compare the two figures to be able to update my boss as to whether we are on track with the project or not.

Do you have any thoughts of a solution for me to track progress of a project in Asana?

You can do that by your project but in this case you have resign from subtasks. Consider to build your project as way as I showed in my previous comment.

Ah I understand now, ok I will do that. Thanks so much for your help again @Charlie_Pilch . :slight_smile: