Dashboards Don't Report Estimated Time as Expected

Loving the new native implementation of the time tracking fields in Asana with one major glaring exception. All of my charts on my dashboards using the Estimated Time field are reporting in days and weeks. The problem is that my days are only 8 hours long and there are only 4 days in my week. My project managers are seeing reports that say there’s only a week of work left in a project but there’s actually 5.25 weeks worth of work being reported on. It would be nice if the dashboard let me set some sort of calculation or capacity when using Estimated Time as a measure similar to how the workload tabs work in the portfolio views. Additionally I’ve noticed that formula fields that use time tracking fields in their calculations do not sum the same way as the time tracking fields themselves. I have a custom formula field that is simply the number of estimated hours minus the actual hours to calculate the estimated number of remaining hours for tasks but it’s reporting as days and weeks instead of just hours and minutes like both parent fields do.

I would like more control over how these fields get summed and represented in these two areas.

Hi @Derek_Hendrock , it sounds like you are on the Business plan, thus have access to formula fields and the recently launched advanced editor so I think I have just the ‘workaround’ you need! :grin:

Have a look a this post and let me know if that works for you:

I mean that will definitely get the job done but it’s wild having a custom formula field that literally only copies and pastes the value from the native one to get it to report correctly.

Totally agree… but it’s the best workaround for the time being :person_shrugging:

Yeah the Asana servers were super not happy with me doing that with 20000 tasks at once. I look forward to undoing it in the future if they ever change the time tracking features.

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