New Time Keeping Tool Questions

I had a couple of questions regarding the new Time Keeping tool within Asana. Is there a way to get the Estimated and Actual Hours fields to rollup to the project level for project level reporting?

Also, when I export a project, the Estimated time exports, but the Actual time does not. Why would one of the fields not export?

I also don’t see the sum at the bottom of each section of tasks for the Actual time field. I do for the Estimated time field just not for the Actual time field.

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Time tracking is rolling out in several phases and then follow-ups. Like you, I’ve found some challenges as shown here:

That corroborates your experience, I think.

One strategy might be to see how the releases unfold before trying to make heavy use of this new feature; that’s what I’m recommending for now.



Thank you for your response. Yes, it is very much the same experience for me as what you detailed. I agree that it may be worth holding off on heavy use until the final release. Thanks for the insight and sanity check to make sure I wasn’t just doing something wrong!


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