Estimated & Actual Hours: List vs. Task View

I see Asana updated hour Estimated and Actual hours are displayed in the task and list views and it’s become more confusing and takes additional clicks now to find information.

You can add Estimated and Actual hours to a subtask (great!):

CleanShot 2024-07-02 at 13.21.50

However, these hours are not displayed in the parent task. The parent task only shows Estimated or Actual hours added to the parent task itself, not subtasks:

CleanShot 2024-07-02 at 13.21.25

But the hours for subtasks are shown when you look at the task in the project list view:

I don’t understand why Asana would make this change. It used to be that all Estimated and Actual hours from subtasks would roll-up to the parent task. But this is no longer the case. This feels like a backwards step to me. :frowning:

This is also contradictory to how Asana describes time tracking in their academy and help article which both describe the old roll-up method.

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Hi @paulminors, thanks for sharing your feedback! We initially introduced this update as an A/B test in June. Due to the positive results, we have now rolled it out to all customers. The total hours for tasks and subtasks will now appear in the list view, with separate totals for each task and subtask.

I’ve shared your feedback with our product team for consideration in future updates!

I believe it only rolls up when looking at the list view, and the parent task is not opened. This part is a big mess. It also behaves differently I believe in My Tasks versus a project :exploding_head:

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I like the way the rollup is visible in the list view. and agree with @paulminors that this should also be visible in the task view.

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@Emily_Roman would I be able to connect with the product manager who’s in charge of time tracking? The rollup to the list view is great but I don’t get why it wouldn’t also show in the task panel. Some of our clients have also commented that this is very confusing.

Hi @paulminors, I’m afraid we are not able to offer one to one calls at the moment but please rest assure we shared all your feedback from this thread :slight_smile:

Thank you Emily.

I also do some Pipedrive consulting and their product team is always more than happy to meet with partners and customers to learn how to make the product better. Usually, talking through things in person is a lot more effective than reading a forum thread.

Thanks for getting back to me, @paulminors. Your feedback is valuable and our team is always happy to receive it! :slight_smile:

Our product team just confirmed we are planning to solve this soon! :tada:

Although we are not planning to fully revert the recent change, we will modify it to improve the user experience so you will be able to see both the aggregated sum of subtask values and the actual value of the parent task directly from the parent task pane.

In the meantime, when viewing the parent task in List view with subtasks collapsed, the displayed value will be the aggregated sum of the subtasks. You can hover over this cell to see the true value of the parent task.

Please note, we only aggregate values one level down into the subtasks, and this will remain unchanged.

Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback! I’ll follow-up here once we have an exact launch date for this update.