Formula custom field with Advanced Editor

Hi Asana community!

I’m Richard, an Asana Forum Leader and Asana Solutions Partner, here to share Asana’s latest update :drum:

Earlier this month, Asana launched Formula custom fields . Today, I’m thrilled to announce you can now create more complex formulas with the new Formula custom field Advanced Editor!

With this update, you can:

  • Create formulas using keyboard input
  • Point and click to build formulas
  • Use more than one operator (+, - , x, /)
  • Use #s (eg. field + field + field + 2)
  • Use Formula fields in Portfolios and Bundles

If you’d like to learn more about this new feature, check out the video below, where I deep dived into Formula custom field advanced editor, showcasing various use-cases:

For more details on the formulas shown in this video, check out my post here.

We hope you find this update useful! We look forward to reading all your use cases and the formulas you are planning to build with the Advanced editor. Let us know in the comments below!

Please note, this update is being gradually rolled out and it will be available to all Business and Enterprise customers soon.

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I’m so excited about this update!



Are the basic formula field and the Advanced Editor being rolled out separately? We seem to only have the basic formula field at this time.

Welcome, @Amy_Johnson3,

Yes, that’s right; Advanced Editor is being rolled out.




This is not a moment too soon for us and an excellent increase in functionality!

Hopefully the ability to use a formula field as an input to another formula field isn’t too far away (I did see it’s being worked on).

This is an amazing update! I have been playing around with it and it opens so many new opportunities.

Just wanted to point out that as I was testing the advance editor I discovered that if one of the fields in a sum is empty, it will not perform the calculation. You have to replace the empty field with a 0 for it to perform the calculation.

This is something that you should definitely try to fix. The editor should assume that if a field is empty, it means 0.

Has anyone found a solution for this?

Hi @Esteban_Giannini , it’s a great feature isn’t it? :smiley:

I’m not sure what your formula is exactly but perhaps try adding +0 on the end. This seemed to be a good workaround in some instances.

Could you share a screenshot please?

Hi @Richard_Sather - I have been trying different workarounds but it doesn’t seem to solve it.

Here is a screenshot of the calculation:

Screenshot 2023-08-04 at 11.48.40 AM

Here is a screenshot of how it doesn’t calculate when there is an empty field:

If we could add IF or CASE statement’s to this I can replace so many tools with Asana.



I just found that we can display actual time in hours unit at dashboard # chart.

just define for it in advanced editor below;


@Esteban_Giannini , indeed this is the expected behaviour. You would have to input a 0 value instead of leaving it blank.

@Emily_Roman , perhaps you could raise this to the product team; whether a blank field could instead be considered as 0, or so we can better understand their reasons for this behaviour.

Hi @Richard_Uruchurtu , hopefully this is coming in the near future :pray:

Hi @Tetsuo_Kawakami , nice hack! Also, I found that if you add a +0 on the end, you will get the result in minutes! And if you divide that by 60 then you will get the value in ‘numeric’ hours, i.e 10h30m will display as 10.5, as per below formula which you can copy paste into your advanced editor:
( [[$ACTUAL_TIME]] + 0 ) / 60

:bulb: Refer to my post here for the complete workaround on getting dashboards to display in hours/days instead of weeks/days.


Damn… you guys are madmen! Cant wait to have this feature rolled out.

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Hi everyone! Formula custom field with Advanced Editor is now available to all Business and Enterprise customers :tada:


@Richard_Sather I will check with our product team. I’ll share an update soon! :slight_smile:

Update to comment → This is expected behaviour and you can follow updates when we solve it here: Formula Field Not Working with Empty Fields


Hi - would it possible to multiply a number by a % using this feature please? We have tasks that carry a total deal value and have a separate field that indicates the % complete of the task. So it’d be good to be able to multiply one by the other to arrive at a current value of the job. Thanks!

Great tool! Thank you for adding this!

On a similar note, can this be used in a form to tally response results.
For example, where the respondent has 4 options to choose from, each worth a distinct numerical value, and then once the form is submitted we get a tally of their score?

Hi @Scott_Burkinshaw , sure you can! For the formulas, simply replace your percentages with a decimal, so for example, 55% would be 0.55, or +55% would be 1.55

For example, if you want to get say 15% of one of your number field’s value (eg. your ‘Cost’ field), you would input in the formula advanced editor as such: [Cost field]*0.15 to give you the value of that 15%.

If you want the total value, i.e. your cost field + 15%, then you would input in the formula advanced editor as such: [Cost field]*1.15

You can also have a look at my post below, especially numbers 9-12 where I show examples applying tax or discounts:

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Hi @Samantha_Di_Lullo , currently the feature does not support mapping dropdown custom fields (such as single-select or multi-select) to a number value. You could only achieve this if your form’s questions contained ‘number’ or ‘date’ type questions which could be mapped to relevant fields in your project, from which a formula field would be able to provide a tally score.

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Thank you! This sounds like it might be the solution for us. Is there a tutorial video on how to do this?

@Samantha_Di_Lullo , here is a link to the guide article of how to map form questions to custom fields:

Feel free to DM me if you are interested in any training services and support. It’s what I do! :smiley: