Report dashboard view not correctly summing "Estimated Time" Field

I am excited to use the Reporting feature to have a dashboard view of project status. One critical thing that I want to do is to have a dashboard view of estimated time of team members in the upcoming week. In theory, this works, but there is something wrong with Asana’s calculations estimating time. I did the following:

  • Enabled Asana’s “Estimated Time” field in the project(s).
  • Created an Asana-suggested template for reporting with the filters of: Specific Project, Estimated Time, Due Date (with time boundary set of of “within 1 week”).
  • This correctly created a dashboard report chart of what I want to see, with a doughnut chart of time estimated for respective team members. However, the estimated time is NOT correct. When I look at each team member’s list of upcoming tasks within the next week, all complete with estimated times, this is WAY OFF (by cumulative days) compared to what the dashboard report function says their total/ sum time within next week is estimated to do.

This renders this reporting dashboard functionality useless, and honestly dangerous for estimation/ planning/ expectations/ communication/ project management. I have checked all fields and logic scrupulously. There is something wrong on your backend with calculating sums of estimated (and actual) time spent of these fields.