Is it a bug in the reporting tool? (Dashboard)


I think there is a bug or i don´t know how it should work.

I have 2 projects. One where i have all my tasks that i am assigned to.
Then i have a second project where i have all my projects where i am assigned as Project Manager.

I now created a chart on my dashboard to be able to see all incomplete tasks filtered on a custom field called Estimated Time and these two specif projects.

This is how i have set it up.

  • Chart style: Column
  • Report on Tasks.
  • Include task from: Specific projects.
  • I choose both projects.
  • X-axis: Projects.
  • Y-axis: Estimated time.
  • Filter ,Task completion status: Incomplete.

So far so good. I get the charts and this is the information showing.
Project with tasks assigned me: 324h
Project with tasks assigned as Project Manager: 72h

Now here comes the strange thing:
The Project Manager project actually contains 336h. But these hours only shows when i have chosen to see the chart style as #Number and removed the other project.

Some tasks that are in the Project Manager project can also co exist in the project for my tasks.
But in this case it is not 264h.

What am i missing?
I am thinking that only as #number does i actually also count the custom field “Estimated Time” in all sub tasks on all levels.

Filter by subs only works if the sub is assigned: Reporting • Asana

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