Dashboard: Chart and Task Type: Subtask

Use case: I love the Dashboard feature of projects especially the ability to create customized charts and filters. This is what I did along with a limitation that I encountered:

  1. Created a Custom Field called Task Progress > fill out tasks and subtasks with data for this custom field
  2. Open Dashboard and Add Chart
  3. Select type: Donut > Group: Task Progress > Measure: Task Count > Task completion status: Incomplete > Assignees: Someone on our Team
  4. Task Type > Task

Already I get a great donut giving me a quick and interesting view of the team member in question along with the progress status of all their incomplete tasks. Awesome!

However, I soon realized that I am missing 1 crucial piece of data, the progress status of all Subtasks.

Feature request: Subtasks are an integral and crucial part of how we use Asana. So a chart that only shows Tasks does not represent the full picture for us. It would be so wonderful and impactful for us if the Dashboard charts could also take into account Subtasks.

Asana has already done a great job giving us 3 choices for Filter Task Types:

  • Task
  • Milestone
  • Approval
    Could you kindly add just 1 more radio button?
  • Task+Subtask
    Or allow us to checkbox multiple checkbox buttons? For example: Task, Subtask

It would make the Dashboard so much more useful and meaningful for us since it would more appropriately reflect our actual project status and progress (Tasks + Subtasks together).

Without Subtasks, Dashboards become an incomplete picture for us and therefore loses a large portion of its usefulness. If I do not get the full and true picture, then my analysis of the project via the dashboard becomes less meaningful and therefore less useful.

Thank you for taking this request into consideration! :pray:

Workarounds : None that I am aware of.

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