Including Subtasks in Dashboard (continued)

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I did notice the new Subtask filter was added to existing board Charts, however how do you actually add this filter to new Charts? There is currently no option in Add Filter when editing a Chart for Subtasks.

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Subtasks are now included in Charts by default. There is no filter and no need to add manually.

I hope this clarifies :slight_smile:

Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath I see that it was added to existing Charts, but for new Charts I do not see the option to include Subtask as a filter. How do you add it to new Charts?

@Rebecca_McGrath - I think I’m with Colin on this. I see that Subtasks are now included in the chart data, but how do I filter it out? I have a project where I specifically do not want subtasks data in the dashboard, but I can’t remove it.

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@Kathy_Isaac you should be able to remove the Subtasks filter while editing your chart. My issue is once I remove it, how do I add it back? And for new Charts you create, same issue - how do you add?

@Colin_Campbell1 There was an update to the client app this weekend and this issue is now resolved for me. When I click on Filters, the Subtasks now appear even on new projects. Once removed, it can be re-added.


What if I want to see both tasks and subtasks? Does not seem to be a way to do that. It appears to be either tasks or subtasks. I don’t get why it (Don’t show subtask) or (Only show subtasks). Either way there is not clear way to show all work captured in Tasks and Subtasks.

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