Option to Omit Subtasks from Dashboard Charts

Asana is now including subtasks within all new dashboard charts, blowing counts out of proportion. I have built my dashboard around tasks only (excluding subtasks). This change, without the option to filter one or the other, throws off my entire report. I’d like for Asana to allow the ability to choose one or the other, and not be forced to include subtasks within all new charts and restructure everything.

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@Alisa_Kessler there is a filter.

That selection is no longer available for new charts, appears Asana ruled it out recently. I’m hoping that they add it back so it doesn’t mess up my entire dashboard for reporting purposes.

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This doesn’t work if the task in the asana board is a subtask. For Example, I have 26 tasks in a “To Do” section. I would expect to be able to pull that number into the dashboard. With the current Subtask filters, I either get 2 or 43 depending on which filter i choose.

+1 the way the Subtasks filter works when trying to create a chart that Includes tasks from a Specific project is terrible.

I want to create a chart that shows only tasks which have been added to a specific project.

  1. I don’t want this chart to show any subtask UNLESS the subtask has been specifically added to the project so everyone that visits the project see’s that subtask directly alongside all of the other tasks that are in the project.
  2. I do want this chart to show every task that has beed added to this specific project, even if it just so happens that one of these tasks is itself a subtasks of a parent task that doesn’t live in this project.

Please flag this absurd chart filtering behavior to the top of the product team’s bug fixes.


Same here. We have a Sprint board where tasks from other projects are added. These tasks can be either normal tasks or subtasks (of epics for example). I want to be able to build a chart for the Sprint board that takes into account only the tasks on the Sprint board, regardless of if they have subtasks themselves, are normal tasks, or are subtasks or others. Currently there is no way to achieve this.

I am also struggling with this. My current workaround is adding an additional filter for a custom field that is used consistently on the parent task (which is a subtask from another project) that will most likely won’t be used on the subtasks. So far that has been working but there is room for error here.