"Subtask" filter missing when filtered by Specific Project in Reporting

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Cannot find the “Subtasks” filter when creating charts in Reporting
Steps to reproduce:
Create new Dashboard, Add chart, Add Custom Chart, Include tasks from “Specific Project”, Add filter, “Subtasks” filter is missing.
This problem can be avoided if the filter was added first, then Selected include tasks from “Specific Project”

Browser version:
Not browser, it’s the Windows Desktop version. This issue was not present before the update last week.
Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Andy_Li, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

I can confirm that this is a new expected behaviour as subtasks will now be included in the task count in charts. If you would like to option to omit subtasks, I recommend creating a thread in the #product-feedback category with this request :slight_smile:

But the filter is now in some tasks and can’t create charts with it. Also, all new charts count subtasks, and I don’ want this.

There is nothing I can do?

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Agree, why was changed to all the existing dashboards without a way to count just the cards in the boards correctly.

Why would Asana remove the subtask filtering feature that many, like myself, used to organize our dashboard for reporting purposes? Now that this feature is no longer available, it throws off the entire report. Why wouldn’t Asana allow the ability to filter BOTH options—rather than remove it completely?

I have submitted #product-feedback here: Option to Omit Subtasks from Dashboard Charts

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One of the workarounds I found is to select the “Subtasks” filter where it still exists (Your organization workspace, Teams, Portfolios, Projects Owned by), then change it to “Specific Project” you would like to filter. The “Subtasks” filter will still be there.

Refer to this image for the workaround

This feature completely messed up my dashboards! I need to count the number of tasks in a section and neither subtask filter will show it correctly. VERY frustrated.

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