Actual Time field not populating correctly in Dashboard

We are currently wanting to use the Actual Time feature to track our client hours. However, I am trying to build dashboards and when I select ‘Actual Time’ for the Y axis and by month and ‘Based on time track date’, for the X-asis, I only get 7 hours in the dashboard for Feb, but when I look at the List view I have hundreds of hours over the last couple of months. Has anyone else run into this issue? Any ideas what to try?

Hello @Val_Ward,

Any chance you could share a few screenshots (make sure to anonymize private info). Without seeing your project/dashboards, it’s hard to tell what is not working!

@Marie I fooled around with it a bunch more and I seem to have gotten it to work. I will let you know if I have any issues in the future! Thanks!

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Glad to hear you worked it our @Val_Ward! Thanks for letting me know!