Actual Time Over Estimated Time?

I’m having this question keep pop up and was hoping there is a good answer for it. So I have come to ask for you good people’s help again:

Clients want to be able to have task assignees put in actual time over estimated time.

  • Now I know we could build out a custom field for actual time taken to complete the task. But I’m wondering is we can report on estimated v actual using the workload estimate, or would we have to build out two custom fields for reporting these two values?

We want to keep custom fields to a limit.

Hey @anon82684441

here is a great answer: Estimated effort vs. actual effort - how can I compare? - #2 by Emily_Roman

And here is a sample layout as well: Allocating hours, how to do this? - #2 by Andrea_Mayer

The sum feature works great and I usually work with reports as well.

At our company we usually work with a time tracking tool on top just to get a key overview on the real-time tracked as sometimes team members forget to update something. (Now this obviously depends on your company and set up, if employees or freelancers, etc)


Thank you @Andrea_Mayer,

Another superbly delivered answer from a great forum leader.

I will take a look through the links. Can I ask what time tracking tool you use and recommend?

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Thanks for your feedback @anon82684441

Yes so personally at our company we use Hubstaff, is a bit more comprehensive and has a lot more features compared to basic time tracking tools, but we just need it (we work mainly with independent contractors) so we need full details on time worked, activity level, URLs, etc etc
I have shared a detailed comment here: Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison - #23 by Andrea_Mayer

In general I recommend having a look at the main post: Time tracking in Asana: a community built comparison that Bastien has put together and I am sure you will find a time tracking tool that works best for you and your team :slight_smile:


Many Thanks again @Andrea_Mayer,

I was actually just reading through Bastien’s post. I have come across it a few times now. From this I think EverHour may be the easiest integration at this stage for the needs required of it.

Do you know, that if we build out two custom fields for Estimated and Actual, would the ‘estimated’ align with the workload estimated?

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Personally I have not used EverHour myself but yes I have also read a lot of times that people recommend it since it is easy and fast to set up.

I have also just stumbled over this comment and think this might be what you are looking for: Help w/ time tracking / monitoring workload - #4 by Mike_Kulakov

Now regarding this have a look at the video in this article which explains how workload feature works. Basically you can select one custom field such as the estimate hours and then can set “actual hours” team members can work in a week which will then show you if they are overloaded or not. Just keep in mind this is per Portfolio, so you would have to list all relevant projects in that portfolio to ensure all tasks assigned to a person are considered.


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