customised Estimated time vs Asana Estimated time

A few years ago when we started using Asana we were told that we could see workload of staff, if we had an estimated time field. We implemented that field and use it widely in our templates and update it regularly dependent on how much time we spend on the task.

Now there is a new official estimated and actual time field.

My question is - what will happen to workload calculations if we are to remove the customised Estimated time. Can they be merged into the new field so we dont loose them? Can the new ones be used to estimate workload.

any help much appreciated


Yes, see the bullet saying that in:

But to do so, you’d have to first update that new field for each task with the value from your existing custm field. You could do that manually (tedius) or via the API (effort to code and test). Then you’d just have to indicate to Workload that your Effort field is the new one, not the old one.