Resource Planning with Everhour and Workload

Our company is considering making the switch to Asana and are currently trying it out. We’ve opted to use the Everhour integration for time tracking and estimations, but in order to use the Workload feature for forward resource planning, Asana requires a new custom field for Estimated Hours. Does anyone have a workaround for this? Is Everhour planning to integrate into Asana’s Workload feature any time soon? This is something very important to our team and it’s difficult to understand why Workload can’t pull estimated times on tasks for each assignee.

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Is everhour able to fill a custom field with data? I never used it.

Yes, but using Asana’s custom field instead eliminates the ability to utilize Everhour’s built-in time tracker & estimation within Asana. We’re trying to figure out a way for them to sync with each other.


Hi Bailey, curious if you’ve found a solution. We’re looking for the same set-up

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@Glenn_van_der_Plaat We basically created our own solution by having one of our company’s developers use the APIs to sync our custom field in Asana to our Everhour estimates. This has worked well for us, as it automatically adjusts our custom field when we add an estimate, allowing us to resource plan with the Workload view.


Hello @Bailey_Chan that’s awesome! Are you able to share the code? Because we want to do the same for our team. Thank you for your reply.

Can you share the code?

@Bailey_Chan that’s great! Would be awesome if you can share?

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Hi, this is something I am also looking at.

Could you be able to clarify are you talking about the “effort” Custom Field? In this screenshot, that field was added by Asana when I added this project to a Portfolio. So I had thought that I’d need to get the Everhour “estimate” field’s data to write into the “Effort” Custom Field in Asana, to get the Workload to sync with the actual Everhour data. Is that how you did this?

Also, could any of you confirm what I also point out below, that Everhour won’t show its estimate in the list view, but rather rollups of that in the Section or Task summaries?

Also if anybody could advise on this issue I’d be grateful: I have users who work in multiple teams however. So one roadblock I have come up against is that if I want to see a true Workload across all of Asana, Portfolios are not sufficient as they limit to just what projects I have in one. Unless I create a “placeholder” Portfolio for all projects in Asana, but that’s a workaround I’d rather avoid. Any thoughts?

Thank you!