Estimated effort vs. actual effort - how can I compare?

I am looking at the business plan to use the workload functionality.

  • If our project planning is done within Asana, including estimating individual workload using the effort field for each task
  • Then the actual effort is recorded in an integration tool (looking at Timecamp)
    Q - How can I compare the estimated effort (Asana field) with actual effort (Timecamp) so that I can replan work in Asana as necessary?

Timecamp and other integrations only seem to pull through project and task data. Is there an integration that pulls through effort? Or can I export project data from Asana including effort to excel? I could then export the actual data from Timecamp and work in Excel…? I can’t see how I can close the loop at the moment from looking at this… any guidance greatly appreciated!

Hi @Caroline_Reeves, thanks for reaching out!

We have a couple of threads with some tips and workarounds to achieve this:

You can export your project in Asana via CSV and convert it to excel, see more details in this article.

I also suggest you to check out list of time tracking integrations here.

I hope this helps!

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Hi thanks for the reply. Yes I had already been through these and they are quite old (before you had the workload feature I think?) and dont think are helping me…
I don’t have the Business plan at the moment (which I think you need for the effort field?) So I’d like to know if the effort field data can be exported with the project / task data into excel via csv please? This could at least be a workaround I think to then compare with the actual time recorded data that I can export into excel…
Many thanks

You can have an Effort field on a Premium plan as well only without nice workload representation. Basically it is just an custom field which then, If you have a Business plan, can utilize in Portfolio Workload functionality which has nice graphical interpretation of people utilization. I am also evaluating Business plan and to me this is also a big no-go - if no native support for Actuals exist in Asana.

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