calculation and summation of efforts, from tasks to project level to portfolio level


Currently we are trying to use custom fields to calculate:

  • Estimated Time Required (efforts)- on which workload is being calcuated
  • Actual Time Spent
    Both are self reported

We are facing two challenges right now:
1- We are adding the efforts (ETR) at the task level and this shows up in workload but this does calculate up to the project or portfolio level. In other words the efforts of a project in a portfolio should be the sum of the efforts of all the tasks- but right now its manual entry.
Not only do we care about the workload per person, but we want to see workload by team, and time allocation by project and/or portfolio (eg one portfolio is for weekly recurring tasks and another is for adhoc projects… the results of the former gives the efforts available for the later)

2- Actual time Spent- we are not able to put in multiple entries here, such as 5 hours today, 3 hours yesterday so we loose track what was done when

Any advice on solving these

This is my biggest gripe with Asana workload. It only tracks projects in Portfolios, not looking at ALL of the tasks assigned to an individual member no matter what project it may be. Because you also have to manually put projects into a Portfolio (there is no ask when you create the project) sometimes, the project is left out of a portfolio or there are different portfolios for different types of projects, so now I have every project in 2 portfolios (type and universal) just so we can try to track workload. What a complete waste of resources and time. And all of it is dependent on humans actually doing what they are supposed to do. Which we know does not work. Which is why we have automatons (except for the things which are really needed).

We have been nagging Asana to donsomething about this for several years. In fact, it is one of the most valuable parameters for us as a boat manufacturer to keep track if to be able to plan poroduction and allocate resources. We want to pre-define the amount of hours a task is set to take and the get a project completion percentage bar based on this, not just what percentage of the tasks have been completed. The same with workload per emoloyee, it is the actual hours they are loaded with that’s of interest, not the amount of tasks.