More options for "Time entered date" dashboard filter

I tried to create dashboards to visualize actual time tracked today, this week and this month, but the issue is that the available filters are “within the last…”. So I can’t check the actual time tracked this week (since Monday), it shows time tracked 7 days back. Please add more options like “This week”, “This month”, “Today”, all the time trackers I tested (Toggl, Harvest, etc) have this feature.

Hi @Ihor_Ahnianikov !

Assuming you are using a number field such as this (which indeed has limiting Filters as you mention)…

…have you tried a Column-style chart like this? (could also be a Line-style chart too)

Thanks, I guess I can create a chart for myself this way, but I need the X axis for teammates (creators, but actually I need to show actual time by assignee - maybe you can suggest a workaround for this?) Awesome Screenshot So while using X-axis may work (for creating a separate chart for each teammate), having more options in the “Time entered date” filter would be better.

I agree!