Allow users to select desired timezone in dashboards

I’m in ACDT timezone and time entries from today are not showing up in dashboards filtering for time entries ‘today’. The task billed is definitely withing a project in this portfolio, and multiple other users with time billing today (and corresponding charts) are reporting the same.


Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 9.14.27 am

…and 30mins after UTC-00:00 it is now reporting today’s time entries. Seems these graphs aren’t pegged to the user’s timezone :slight_smile:

Hi @Peter_Moriarty, sorry for missing this report. I have escalated your case to our Developers for investigation and will get back to you as soon as possible!

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Thank you!

Hi @Peter_Moriarty, thank you for your patience. Our Developers had a look into the case, and let me know that this behavior is expected: we currently show the chart data represented in UTC/GMT, so that all users see the same chart data, regardless of their own timezone. However, this means boundaries between days in charts will almost always not match the user’s local timezone.

They also let me know that they do have plans to improve this feature in the future, allowing users to select their desired behavior for timezones in dashboards. However, they don’t have an ETA to share yet.

I’ll move this thread to the Product Feedback section so other users can upvote this :slight_smile:


Thanks. Since our company is based primarily in Australia and doesn’t run on UTC, these reports are currently not very useful as they skew the time entries away from actual shift times of staff.

Looking forward to an update on this!