"Today" and "Tomorrow"and day of the week deadlines when working across the international date line

I work in Australia with clients in the USA.
We are encountering an issue with the deadlines, especially the close deadlines that transform into “Today” and “Tomorrow” and the days of the week.

While Asana dates work well with different timezone. These labels do not match up for individual users when the international dateline comes into play. eg If we set something due for USA Monday. On the Australian Monday (USA Sunday) it say’s it’s due Today. But it’s actually due tomorrow Australia time.

We have solved this by adding a specific time to the due date to each task. But it would be great if Asana’s timezone adjustment could automatically and the “Today, Tomorrow, Monday” are updated for the users home timezone

Hi @Michael_Grierson, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!

Asana time zones are automatically set by your browser’s time zone. If someone assign you a task in the USA, it will automatically recognize that time. I also work with teams in different time zones and to avoid confusion I added my working hours to my profile description. I know it could be a good idea if Asana could recognize the assignee time zone when someone sets the due date.

I suggest you to check this thread for more tips: Due date best practices

Hi Emily thanks for the welcome and getting back to me.

You are 100% right Asana does adjust to the browser time zone. That’s not the error. The error is when the due date gets within 7 days the days of the week don’t adjust to the users timezone.

If something is due Monday the the 1st of Sept in the USA time zone. It correctly says it’s due 1st of Sept for users in USA and 2nd of Sept for Users in Australia.

But when it’s within 7 days. It says due Monday for users in Both USA and Australia. where it should say Monday for users in USA and Tuesday for users in Australia.

I hope I explained it a bit clearer this time.

Thanks :slight_smile: