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I live in the US in the eastern time zone. I have been planning a trip to Europe and have a project dedicated to everything I have booked with dates and times. I use the “due date” section so that I can see it all in the calendar view. I didn’t even think about time zones until now, I have just entered everything as the time that I reserved in that location. Can I select a time zone for each task? Or do I need to go back in and calculate the eastern time equivalent for everything I have planned and change it all? Doing that would make it very hard to look at and plan right now, the calendar view would look strange, but if I don’t then I am guessing everything will be wrong once I get over there. Or will my take on July 14 at 1:30 just stay at that time no matter what time zone my device is? Why is this so hard for me to wrap my head around? Any suggestions for the best plan of attack?

Hello @Jordan_Watkins
Thanks for bringing this up.
The good news is that asana’s clock is determined by the clock of your laptop. So you do not need to do anything to change the timezones.

When you set up task 1 for 02 June at 9am. The 9am due time is determined by the 9am on your laptop - whatever timezone you are in.

No changes are required for your plan.

You can check the guide here: - bottom of the article :point_down:

How can I change my Time Zone in Asana?

Asana’s clock is determined by your computer’s time zone setting. If you go on vacation or travel abroad and your computer time zone changes, your timezone in Asana will also change.

Hope this helps

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Hi @Jordan_Watkins

Apologies for my earlier message, I have given you incorrect guidance.
I have just tested this myself in 2 different timezones.

I created a task in UK time zone for Monday 9am.
I am currently on a Singapore timezone and the task appears to be due at 4pm Singapore time even though my computer’s timezone is now o0n Singapore.

I attach 2 screen shots.

I will test few workarounds and come back to you with some suggestions.

Thanks @lpb for bringing this to my attention privately :pray:

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Rashad, you travel more than I do, and I wasn’t 100% sure, so I appreciate your willingness to take time out from your traveling and speaking engagement to test.

My understanding (but haven’t tested recently), is that for @Jordan_Watkins’s example, most of your due dates/times are in ET, so to make an appointment for a trip to another time zone, then you’d need to convert that task’s local time to ET and enter the time in ET so all due dates/times in your Asana are in the same ET time zone.

Hope that helps, and we’ll see if Rashad is able to confirm.



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I appreciate everyone following up. Sounds like I need to find all of my European appointments and calculate the US date and time equivalent for each and change my Asana appointments to that. It’s not ideal. That makes it much harder to look at my calendar as I am planning before the trip. I’ll have a dinner reservation that looks like it’s at 11 am. But if I don’t change it, then everything will be wrong when I am on my trip. It’s a dilemma. I might have to go back to the old spreadsheet for my travel planning.

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Maybe consider also using side-by-side a browser incognito window (or new profile or new browser) with the destination time zone. Work in Asana in whichever of the two makes sense.

Hope that helps,


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I guess I could duplicate the project and keep one in us time and the other in the European time and just switch over to the other once I am traveling. I do think Asana could be much more useful for travel planners with a few changes.

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I think that approach would be hard to keep in sync. My suggestion would not have that issue because there’s only one copy; you’re just viewing as you will once you travel. So it also would be a way to confirm that all the dates/times look as you expect they should in that time zone.

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So, I would change the time zone in the incognito window? Thanks for your patience with my lack of knowledge on this!

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I tried and realize you can just do it for any individual tab; doesn’t have to be incognito.

You can either use this chrome extension (which I did not try, but purports to be simple and this would be easiest, and used by 20k folks):

Or you can do it manually, which is a little technical. Use Method 1 here:

which is also shown in this video:

I used this manual method and could see how my Asana tasks appeared if I were in London.

Hope that helps,


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Hi @Rashad_Issa ,

I am glad I found your article. I am having a mismatch between asana an the clock on my laptop. Everything I do is 1 hr ahead. Even if I set a date time the next hour it appears in red, as it was missed.

I am attaching a photo

I am running a MacBook Air M2 with Sonoma.

How can I address this?

Hope you can help! Thanks!

Hi Asana team has this been addressed yet?

Hi @Alejandro_Moreno

I am sorry, I am not sure how I missed your post.
Has this been resolved?

I just looked at my account and could not find anywhere in Asana nor on the admin console where the time zone is set differently. I use an M1 Macbook Air.

Let me know if this is not resolved yet, and perhaps asana support are the best to assist.

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