Current week report filter

As a team we would like to know the time spend on the current workweek.

It would be very useful imho to have a filter option “Time entered Date”(or anything els for that matter) [Current week].

This could be as easy as an extra option in the existing dropdown:

This filter would allow us to see if we made enough progression during the week and if we need to adjust during the week.

Hi @Thomas_van_der_Woude you can filter on reports within the last week? (If you haven’t had any work scheduled on weekends it therefore shouldn’t matter)

I can, yet then I get the hours from last week as well if I check them on Tuesday for example.

I want a report that shows me how many hours we’ve clocked in this current week. Or is this possible too somehow?

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Hi @Thomas_van_der_Woude not easily, you’d have to change the range every week using the ‘between’ filter

Hmm, I’m trying to make the insights for the team as easy and as little error-prone as possible. So that’s not really what I’m looking for. I guess more teams have this wish?

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