Manual Time Tracking as other users

I’m not sure if this is the correct area to make a request, and I know Time Tracking is new, but as Project Manager I would love to be able to manually insert a team member’s time for them under their name without having to create a sub-task for each member so they can mark their time themselves. Right now, if I am adding time for the whole team, it goes under my name only. I need to have it separated for reporting purposes.
Thank You!

HI @Maurine_Horne

If you use the estimated vs actual time fields. The total actual time can be submitted by other people but if you are using the dashboard of x axis assignee, and y axis actual time - it will only show under the assignee


I’ve moved this thread (and added to the title for clarity) so that you can now vote with the purple button at the top of the thread.



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