Workload Filter for specific list of users

Hi All,

Currently in workload in the portfolio lists all the users in all the projects of the portfolio.

Is there any feature to filter the workload for only for a specific set of user. Business case being i manage 5 of the listed 30 users and i have to scroll every time to find the workload of these 5 users.


Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ, thanks for reaching out! You cancentraily filter your workload by specific people, see the option below:

You can also find more information in this article:Workload • Asana

@Emily_Roman - Thanks that helps, is there any way to save the filter, if not it does not serve any purpose as every single time i have to type in all my team members.

Please ignore, used “Save Layout as Default” functionality and i was able to achieve this. thanks :slight_smile: