Workload - Implement an option to automatically include ALL Team Projects

I made a Portfolio with all of our team projects (50+) to see our team’s work as a whole. Would love an overall view so I didn’t have to manually add every new project to that portfolio.

Thanks for sharing this great feedback with us @Parker_Thompson; this is definitely something our team could consider in the future!

I’ve slightly modified your title to make this thread more discoverable to other users, and on my end I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!

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I agree, I think this is major shortcoming of Portfolios and one of the reasons I don’t find a lot of value in them currently. It’s not reasonable to count on people to remember to automatically add every new project to a portfolio (or ones that meet certain criteria). There needs to be some kind of “smart portfolios” feature that automatically adds projects. Examples could be:

  • Smart portfolio for all projects
  • Smart portfolios for every team
  • Smart portfolios for customizable criteria (i.e. any project with a certain color-code or word in the name)


I’m a new Asana user and I was immediately tempted to create a big portfolio of all projects, just so that I can see the whole workload.

But then I thought to myself this isn’t right because its too easy to miss a project or two and forget to include when creating a new one.

What makes sense to me to to simply be able to view down from several levels on the left side navigation bar.

  • Why not be able to see all projects under an organisation and view that workload as a whole?
  • Why not be able to see all teams under an organisation and view the workload on each team?
  • Why not be able to see the workload on an individual resource (assignee) ?

Some how it seems that the arbitrary subset that is a portfolio was not the best design decision for doing the workload feature.

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Hi Marie

Any progress on this? Workload is one of the primary reasons we are testing the upgrade in Asana but find its completely useless as there is no way to view a persons workload without adding hundreds of projects to a Portfolio.


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Hi @Murray_Barnetson :wave:t3:

Unfortunately I don’t have an update just yet on this topic, but I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I do! :slight_smile:

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I agree that we REALLY need “smart portfolios.” Here are some reasons I would love this feature:

  • Save steps in the intake process to add each project to multiple portfolios.
  • Ensure that no project is missed due to human error (we use our ‘ALL’ portfolio, which is updated manually, for our weekly meeting; if something isn’t in the portfolio, we’ll miss it.)
  • Allow us to look back on past projects for a particular year/partner by making a portfolio at any time that will collect all projects containing a certain search term or tag, without having to track down dozens of projects.
  • Allow us to generate many more specific portfolios instead of just the ones we have time to create.

Surely this can become automatic. :slight_smile:

Bonus requests:

  • It would be great if the dropdown menu, for adding projects, would exclude projects already in the portfolio.
  • I also wish I could add to portfolio from the project view, rather than having to exit and open a portfolio.
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100% agree!

At MINIMUM we need the ability to have a portfolio that defaults to ALL PROJECTS, and every project created is auto-included.

To make Asana most functional, we also need SMART portfolios, where I can create one based on any field or custom field… i.e. a SOCIAL MEDIA CALENDAR portfolio that is smart, to include all projects with TYPE = SOCIAL. Or an trade shows & events calendar portfolio that auto-adds any project with TYPE = EVENTS.

This is a massive shortcoming. As we’re evaluating moving to Asana from a competitor, this his my hang-up that’s keeping me from being confident in making the switch.


Yes! This would be a really useful feature that would allow me to have a more “overview” look at everything without having to manually add it each time.

I like it!

I agree! We need portfolios to see team capacity but have to manually add each project right now.

We need this too! We have a number of projects that we’re managing through Asana, but as a developer I want to see a complete picture of my workload. Currently when a new project is created by a project manager, I have to add it to my portfolio so I can see that projects tasks on my team members workload. Really need a portfolio that shows all projects by default.

Another vote for this feature! Without it, maintaining the portfolios is becoming a hassle and reduces the effectiveness of the Workload tool.

Adding another BIG vote on this. I just updated another topic I posted a few weeks ago with similar feedback before I read this.

Workloads should be a view on Teams not on a Portfolio (not unless you can create us dynamic/smart Portfolios that contain all projects).

Please give us an update on where the developers are with this feature :pray:

Hi :wave:,

Just released a tool to help you. it is called Global Workload and will add every single project to a portfolio of your choosing :slight_smile: then you can use Workload to get an overview of the entire organization.


Thanks for developing this! It’s great to add all of our projects, but still wish Asana would integrate this functionality so I don’t have to remember to add each project or use this tool every time I make a new project. Either way, thanks for sharing this!


I created a dedicated thread for this tool Global workload: get the workload of your entire organisation

I would really like to see this as well. It seems like a huge hassle, when my organization is already structured as teams, to have to manually add every new project into the corresponding portfolio.

This looks promising! Does this only affect my account, or will everyone in my organization see the global portfolio?

It depends on the portfolio setup, my tool only put projects inside the portfolio.

So as long as people can already see that portfolio, they’ll see all the projects that your tool adds to it?