Feedback on Projects and Portfolios concepts

Firstly a pre-warning - I’ve been having a frustrating day trying to get all my projects up to date and I feel the need to provide some lengthy feedback on why I’m struggling and hopefully someone will come along and tell me I’m approaching things the wrong way or something.

I don’t use Asana everyday, although I know I should make it a lifestyle habit.
The reason is because I always seem to struggle with the methodology and I end up spending more time trying to find my way around the tool than getting on with progressing the projects themselves.
I feel like I’m swimming against some design decisions by the Asana developers that don’t make sense to me.

These are my issues I noted today while working:-
To me, projects should be the most important entity, above Tasks and Portfolios but they don’t even appear on the side bar.
I would like to have a simple “My Projects” on the side bar. There seems to be no way to view all my projects in one list. I have to create a Portfolio but those are just arbitrary groupings of Projects that easily get out of date and may not include all the necessary Projects for one Team. Its easy to miss some out. You can view Projects under each Team one-by-one but here the order is random and can’t be sorted, which makes comparing the list under a Team with a Portfolio rather difficult.
It would also be nice to have a “My Teams” on the side bar and the side bar is not really wide enough to read the project names properly. Could it not be sizeable?
The projects view under Teams keeps defaulting back to tTiles view, when List is so much easier to read. Could it not let us save the default view perhaps?

I strongly believe the Workload feature should be based on Teams or individual resources but not Portfolios, which as said before, are an arbitrary grouping.
But if we have to use Portfolios, then could we please have some dynamically-created Portfolios included by default (eg. An “All Projects” for each Team and “All Projects” for the organisation).

I really don’t understand why the Portfolios within a Portfolio feature was added recently when there seem to be some more fundamental issues to resolve first.

Lastly, I see that the “Portfolios” on the side bar is actually only a list of the most recent or favourite ones. There doesn’t seem to be a way to view All Portfolios.

Is any one else finding how some of these concepts have been implemented a bit unintuitively or am I missing some fundamental point?


Indeed Asana seems to be putting tasks above all else.

I tried and I believe the layout you choose is then applied to every team you then open.

Maybe that will change in the future.

I understand, but for one comment like this, someone else might really need the nested portfolios first :man_shrugging:

I believe you aren’t missing any point. Either features have not been tailored to your workflow yet, or the Asana philosophy is just different from yours.

I’ll let others share their impression!

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Hi @Alex_Bailey1, thanks for sharing this feedback with us! :slight_smile:

Just a quick note regarding the above point you mentioned - I would recommend you favorite your most important projects. Click the star icon in the header of a project to add it to your favorites . Notice the star turns yellow and the project now appears at the top of your sidebar under favorites . To remove it from your favorites , simply click the star icon again. Only you see what you’ve favorited. :slight_smile:

When sharing feedback, we recommend using on thread per idea; with multiple requests in one thread, it can be hard to keep track of feedback and votes.

Do you mind creating new threads in the #productfeedback to request this specific feature?

Thanks so much, Alex! :slight_smile: