REQUEST option for old user interface

Would you be willing to provide the option to use to the old user interface of Asana so that I can see all my Teams and Projects in one view without having the new drop down menus to view Projects added. I find this new set-up hinders my work and the work I do with clients. I have been using Asana for many years and have always advocated for it but I am really struggling to enjoy working in this new set-up. Please help. Thanks!

I don’t work for Asana, but I am almost certain it will never go back to the previous design. It has been deployed weeks ago, and even if several complained on the forum, Asana doesn’t have a habit of going backwards.

Based on my experience, there are ways to use Asana in a good way with the new design. Can you tell me more about what’s bothering you and why for example starring teams to access the project list is not a solution? What about portfolios?

Thanks for your reply . The new view shows me Starred, Projects and then Teams on the left sidebar. As you likely know it used to be Team and then associated Projects and then the next Team and their associated Projects all in one nested scrolling manner. Now even if I star a team the associated projects seem to only be viewable via a hover over drop down situation. That’s the same thing in the Teams section - all of the Teams are listed in a list view but the associated Projects are now only viewable if you hover over and then it pops up. I haven’t used Portfolio’s but can look into that more. Not sure how it solves for my situation. Thanks again.

Hello again, Portfolios is only available for paying Asana customers. I am trying to accomplish this on Asana Free. Thanks.