Asana interface looks different - e.g. unable to see Teams

Hi, I have a Business trial & would like to set up Teams. However the how to guides look different to my screen, i.e. I don’t see Teams in the left pane.

Is this because I’m on a trial? I’m very eager to get this sorted asap so your advice is appreciated in advance!

I think this issue is due to my email address - I work for a training organisation & have registered using an email address ending in I think I have been given access to Workspace only instead of an Organisation.

Hi @Danielle_Jones,

It sounds like you’re indeed using a Workspace; with that said you might be eligible for an Organisation with a subdomain; have a look at this article for more information:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you Marie. I’ve been through this process but still no joy. I responded to Ashley in the support team almost 5 hours ago but am yet to heard back. Fingers crossed we can get this resolved within the next couple of hours as my CEO is concerned… Is support available 24 hours or is it limited to U.S. business hours? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi @Danielle_Jones,

I’ve just liaised with our support team who confirmed they’ve received your emails; they will be in touch in the next couple of minutes! So sorry for the delay in responding!

Thank you Marie. I’m able to access Teams (hooray!) however something has happened to my subscription - I signed up for the Business subscription yet when I create a new Team I only have the basic access. I’ve responded to Support however will I need to wait another 24 hours before I receive a reply?

Hi @Danielle_Jones,

Our Team is on it and will be in touch shortly!