Adding Teams to Organization Workspace

Hello everyone!

I have been using Asana for years for personal use, however I have recently been trying to implement it at my job. I am trying my best to set this up as best I can to help present it to them. I am sadly running into an issue and maybe I am missing something, or that it is not a feature.

From my understanding, when I made an account it made an “Organization” and a workspace associated with that? Or did it make a generic workspace for me? Secondly, if this is like an overall Organization workspace, is there a way I can link all of our teams below that is from a different workspace? Or am I setting this up all wrong?

I am not sure if there is a video or training on this (I have just started looking into the online trainings), but I have not seen one yet.

Any assistance or questions that I can answer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Josh

Welcome, @Joshua_Bain,

Maybe these will help:

Maybe after checking those out if you still have questions you can include a screenshot of your Admin Console showing the plan you’re on, an specific questions of what’s unclear.



Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I see okay, so I should have created the team and projects under the Organization and not a separate Workspace. Is there a way to convert over all of the projects I have created to the Organization? I know there is a way to convert a workspace to an organization but it is not allowing me to do so. Contact Asana Support?

Yes, @Joshua_Bain, I’m afraid that would be the best way to go but may take a couple of days:

Create a support ticket: see How to contact our Support Team.

You can use the recommended third-party app:

but do read the FAQ because it’s unable to copy 100% of everything, so the Support route would be better if they’re able to help.