Do you pay for workspace members when you have an organization?

I have a small company with several employees and many products to manage each with their own projects. I’d prefer to have ‘workspaces’ that are completely siloed off from one another and not house everything in my ‘organization’

For example I’d like to have a Web Development ‘workspace’.
Inside that workspace would be a design team, a dev team, marketing team etc.

Then I’d like to have a ‘Product X’ workspace. Inside that I would have a design team, dev team, marketing team etc.

If I do this, am Asana seems to treat the workspaces as isolated and I have different ‘plans’ for those spaces. Is that correct?

I understand that I can use my organization to do all of this, but then I end up with too many teams to manage in one place and an inbox that becomes unmanageable. Essentially, I think the issue is that Asana is ‘team focused’ and not project focused. For a company like mine, where we are few people who wear many hats I’d prefer to organize things by ‘product/project type’ than ‘team’ and workspaces seem to be the only way about this but I don’t want to pay for workspaces when I am just one ‘team’.

Am I missing something? Thanks

Hi @josh_hinden, thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

As it is not possible to create teams in Workspaces, it seems as though this solution may not work for you. Workspaces act a team while in Organizations, it is possible to create multiple teams.

I hope this helps!

Great thanks.

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