Are workspace and Organization priced the same?

Hi there, I have just come to understand that guests are only available to an organization, so we are probably to convert our workspace to an organization for the capability to temporarily add clients as guests to see only their projects.

  1. Does the same pricing structure apply to both workspaces and organizations?
  2. Is there a different minimum seats for Organizations?
  3. I have multiple companies with many of the same members. If I create more than one Organization with the same billing information, with the same users (same emails) are we charged multiple times for these members for each organization they are in?

Please and thank you for any help understanding this.

Hello @Mikayla_Santiago here is a great overview on the Asana pricing:

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    What is the difference between a workspace and an organization?
    When you are using a Basic account, you’ll find it very much the same until you reach the 15 members limit. In org free account you’ll be able to create new teams and continue your work (the collaboration will be there but not as good as it may be in the Premium version). In a workspace you need to create new workspaces, and this will separate your new team members from current members. Workspaces and free org team account seats will be counted on both your team and your guests. Check out Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asana for more details.

Asana FAQs and common questions | Product Guide • Asanastrong text

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    Can I buy 6 seats and not 10, or 21 seats and not 25?
    No, you can’t, seats can only be purchased 5 by 5 up to 30, then 10 by 10 up to 100, then 25 by 25 up to 500 then 50 by 50. You can also buy 2-3-4 seats.

  2. Yes you would be paying per Organization in this case. However, I suggest reaching out to Asana support to tell them exactly what you would like to upgrade in terms of Workspace and Organizations and they will be able to advise exactly the plan best tailored to your needs and how much that would cost


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