Adding guest to a workspace

So I have an asana premium account for my team. It’s just a workspace not organization.

We are two members in our agency so we created 2 seats but we have several contractors that work with us and we want them to come on as guests. I tried adding one of our contractors and it told me I have exceeded my number of seats.

But I was told that if I add a guest, it is free. But asana is regarding them as a limited access member. I only added them to a specific project.

Does this mean I cant add free guests with workspaces? Only organizations?
But we’re a small agency and don’t need to be an organization for now. How do we do that?

Hi @Rennie_Sanusi, welcome to the forum!

The Guest role is currently available for Organizations only. For context, a Guest is a user who does not share the email domain associated with your Organization. You are right, Guests don’t count towards the total of seats in a paid Organization.

If you wish to invite Guests, you can convert your Workspace to an Organization following these steps.

Let me know if you have any questions!

ok thanks. I will have to convert to an organization. The organization page is created. so how do I transfer my paid workspace into a paid team in the organization?

Also, if i have the paid team within a free organization, will anyone else i add (with a different domain) be a guest in that team within the organization?

Hi @Rennie_Sanusi, sorry for the late follow-up here!

When you convert your Workspace to an Organization, your Workspace is automatically converted to a Team and your plan will be associated to that specific team. I recommend you contacting our support team for more details. They can also assist you in moving your team plan to an Organization level if you wish so.

It didn’t automatically convert. I tried contacting support several days ago with no response.

Hi @Rennie_Sanusi, I checked with our support team and they have confirmed this issue should be now solved. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with :slight_smile: