Is there a way to turn a Limited Access member into a guest?

I am a sole proprietor and I just upgraded from a free account to a Premium account to have the ability to make projects private. (It’s a bit frustrating I have to pay $26/month for that one feature and that the premium plan has a minimum of 2 seats, when I truly only need one.) Anyway the people I had on my team were all people I work with often (some more often than others) and now they are showing up as Limited Access Members (whatever that means) which when my Premium trial is over I will have to pay for them. That’s not what I want. So what is the best process here… do I delete them as members and re-invite them as guests to individual projects? Will we lose anything in the process? Can I convert them somehow? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Semidivine, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

Just to confirm, do you have a Workspace or a Organization? Please note the option to invite Guests is only available for Organizations.

If you have an Organization and the users have an email domain connected to your Organization, they would need to leave the Organization and then you can re-invite them using a different email address. They can create a project with all their tasks so you can easily invite them to the project when you add them again to the Organization as Guests.

However, if you have a Workspace, I recommend you to convert it to an Organization.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Yes thanks @Emily_Roman for the clarification, I was reading up more on this after I posted and I discovered just what you said. I don’t have anyone working with me that has the same domain, so I’m not sure how that works, can I still create an organization? And I have two workspaces under my account, can I have one workspace and one organization all under the same email address?

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Also @Emily_Roman a couple other questions… I can have an organization under a paid account only, is that correct? And when I signed up for the paid account it made me sign up for 2 seats minimum even though I am a sole proprietor, and if I convert to an organization that second seat HAS to be used by someone with the same domain as me, right? Which in my case wouldn’t exist, so I would be paying for the second seat for nothing.

So what I really need for my particular use case is a Workspace (because that is the most accurate model for my business,) with a paid account so I have privacy controls, and that allows me to pay for one official user, and have guests (limited would be fine, I don’t need unlimited guests.)

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Thanks for getting back to me, @Semidivine!

If you own a domain, you can use that domain to create your Organization even if you are the only one using the domain.

Yes, you can convert one of the Workspaces to an Organization and leave the other Workspace as it is now.

We currently offer plans in Tiers and our smallest tier is for 2 members. You are right, the second seat would need to be used by a member of your Organization that have the same email domain than you.

I see what you mean! Workspaces are not associated to an email domain so everyone will count as Member or Member with limited access, but both members will count as one seat.