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Hello I have a premium account and i would like to know :

When i invite members, do they also have to be premium or can be on free plan?
If it so, can be paid from my account so they don’t have to pay anything??


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Hi Marcos
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If you add the user as a guest then you don’t have to pay! Because the premium plan has an unlimited guest option!
Check out the features and pricing page for more information Asana Pricing | Premium, Business, & Enterprise pricing plans • Asana
You can read this guide to know how to invite a guest
Guest Invite Controls • Asana
Guest Accounts: Asana for Clients, Contractors, and Consultants - The Asana Blog

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To further elaborate on this question, if you invite a user as a member of a project that is under your premium license, they will take up a seat on your premium plan. If you simply add them as an assignee or collaborator of a task within a premium project they will NOT take up a seat but also won’t have access to premium features.

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If you have a Premium Organization (not Workspace) plan and invite someone with an email address matching your domain, they will become an Organization Member and take up a seat at your expense, but if they have any other domain they will become an Organization Guest, ride for free, and not take up a seat.

The first reply above included a link to something written in 2012 so I’d be careful there and only look at current docs about Organizations in

The second reply above is confusing to me; is that really how it works @Jerod_Hillard?



What part is confusing to you @lpb?

@Jerod_Hillard, If the added user has the org’s domain, won’t they occupy a seat in this case?



@lpb they only occupy a seat if they are a member of a Project within a Team that is associated with a license. If a user under the same domain is added as an assignee or collaborator yet not a member of the project then they don’t take up a seat. I’m only familiar with a division license within an org though. If it is simply about the domain of the user in a full org, that is both interesting and surprising.


Yes, you’re describing the very uncommon Team or Division license and I’m describing the much more common Organization license. Also, Workspaces are different, and I might be leaving out something, but I believe generally the way I’m characterizing it is roughly how it works for the vastly more typical cases. (I’ve happened to work with clients with Team and Division licenses too, so that’s why I’m familiar with them. This can come up with “.edu” domains too.)


@lpb ok

@Soumyadeep_Mandal, @Jerod_Hillard and @lpb thank you all for your help! I’m marking @lpb solution as it covers the most common cases, but all of your replies are correct!

@Marcos_Agote, if you have any doubt, I’d recommend reaching out to our Sales team who will be able to take a look into your account and provide you with a custom reply based on your set up!


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