Adding guests using the Free Asana version

Hey there - our team is onboarding and I’m going to use an upcoming project with many moving parts as a test use case w/Asana.

Can somebody clarify if we’re able to add “guests,” that is contractors and vendors we’re working with who don’t have an organizational email, using the free Asana version? If so, is there a limit to the number of guests?

And can you clarify how this changes when/if we update to Premium?

Thank you!

Hi @Patricia_Torres. I am 80% sure you can add as many guest users to Asana as you like in both the free and premium versions. As long as they are not in you organisation email you should be okay.
@Marie can you please confirm…


Hi @Patricia_Torres and @Jason_Woods!

As long as you have a Premium plan, (Premium Team/Premium Org/Premium WS), you can add as many Guests as you’d like. However, if you’re using the free version of Asana, your Guests will also count toward your 15 members limit.

Hope this helps clearing up any doubts you might have! Please let me know if you have any follow up questions!


Thank you!

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Just had to point out my frustration that the support documents specifically say that guests don’t count towards membership counts (see picture). Which was one of the main reasons we moved all our boards to Asana. Nowhere does it specify that the free tier is an exception to this rule. Here I am figuring out just now that we can’t add our clients to the board as guests because we’re on the free tier, and it adds towards our membership count. Now I’m most likely going to have to move the entire team onto a new software that allows adding clients without charging me an additional $2,600 a year.

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us to, there is no way to separate limited access members from guests, and no way to contact support, we are taking our entire company off this platform as well.

I agree it could be stated more clearly but I don’t agree that “nowhere does it specify” - it says “paid organization” right in the quoted text.