Should I add clients as Guests to their projects?

Hi all. I just signed up for a free account to try this out for the first time. I run a small Graphic Design and Branding business. While I handle 90% of the work myself, I do have 3-4 other sub-contractors who I collaborate with from time to time. I need a little help with best practices of how to set things up properly.

I would like to add my 3-4 sub-contractors as Team Members. I have set my account up as an Organization. One of my sub-contractors has a company email. Can I add the others as team members of my organization even if they don’t share a company domain email?

Secondly, and the main point of my post… I would like to invite clients as “Guests” to collaborate on specific projects. I am a bit confused if those Guest accounts count toward my 15 Team Member limit that is included in the free account, or if those are not seen as Members and therefore don’t count towards that limit?

Does it make sense to manage my account this way? Open to suggestions. Thanks!

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If you look for the word “client” in the search I think there are a lot of conversations around the topic that might help! For example Consulting with External Clients in Asana


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Hi @Mike_Czuboka.

Generally speaking, if you’re working with customers, I would recommend you to create a Team for each of your customers ( and invite them to their respective Team as Team Guest)

To answer your question in relation to Team Guests: yes you can add anyone as a Team Member (regardless if they share your domain or not). You can do so by following these steps:

Regarding your second question: With an Organization, you can invite Guests (= Members who do share your email domain) for free, as long as they use a different domain than yours, they will not count toward your Premium plan. That said, if you invite members sharing your own domain as Guest members they will be considered as “Limited Member Access” and these members will count toward your Premium plan. To learn more about Limited Member Access, you can check out this article: Hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I can help you with! :slight_smile:


Thank you both for the quick response, and thank you so much Marie for the detailed explanation! That helps a lot.


You’re very welcome @Mike_Czuboka! :slight_smile:

Sorry one more thing just for clarification. Marie in your response you say that adding Team Members who don’t share my company domain will not count towards my “Premium” plan. However I currently am just using the Free plan while I decide if this is for me or not. Does it still work the same way? So I can have as many “Teams” as I want, and can add as many “Guest Members” as I like as long as they don’t use an email address they won’t count toward my 15 Team Member limit? Is that correct?

Hey @Mike_Czuboka! Free Guests are only for Premium Organizations. If you’re in a free Organization, you can have as many Teams as you want but you can’t have more than 15 members per Team (including Guest). Hope this helps!


Ahhhh… Ok, thank you so much. You have been very helpful!

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So in theory though, could I set up a “Team” for each client? So to give an example, say I have 30 active clients and I set up a “Team” for each client. If I invite each client to be a Guest Member of their “Team” and I keep those Client Teams to less than 15 members PER TEAM, I would still be within the limits of my Free account? I just can’t exceed 15 members PER TEAM? Is that correct?

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Yes that’s correct @Mike_Czuboka :slight_smile:

Marie you have been so helpful! Thank you again for your assistance with this!!


You’re very welcome @Mike_Czuboka! Feel free to reach out again if you have questions in the future! :slight_smile:

Hi Marie,
Regarding this same topic…
We have an organization here at USF with several departments creating their own teams. Our team workspace (free) was created before the organization came to be.

  1. Can I invite others from our organization to a project, then un-invite when the project is completed?

  2. Should we/can we move our team over to the organization site?

Thanks, Stephanie

Hi @Stephanie_Skupien :wave:t3:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I’m totally confused now.

I signed up for a premium account today. It has 2 seats for $26 a month. I only needed one. Then I created 2 projects and added a couple guests to each project. My premium pricing jumped to over $1000. Why? Why has Asana made adding guests so difficult to understand?

You can’t buy a single license. Two is the minimum.

Anyone with an email address matching your domain name is a member you pay for, not a guest. Are you on a Workspace or an Organisation?

How do I know if I’m on a workspace or organization? I initially signed up for a 30 day trial then switched it to the premium trial and intended to stay there. Are there settings I need to change?

Their emails are @nameoftheirorganization mine is a gmail address.


Bastien. My company website is with GoDaddy. If I add an email plan with godaddy and create an email domain like instead of my current email would that solve the issue? I would change my Asana profile to the which no one else has.
Thanks for your help on this

I have a doubt. @Emily_Roman @Marie when you have a workspace not tied to any org, you pay for everyone? @Adam_Polansky_Shapir I am 95% sure having your own domain would solve your issue and allow you to pay for only 2 seats.