Adding free organization users to a paid team

We’re currently reviewing Asana as an organization and have upgraded a single team to Premium. Am I able to add a user from a free team to projects created by a Premium team WITHOUT them counting towards my member total?

Ideally, we’d like to make a few users from the free team collaborators and task holders on certain projects within the Premium team without having to pay for them to have Premium access. Does anyone have experience doing this? Did those users have access to all of the Premium features on those particular projects?


That’s a good question. I am not familiar with the set up where one team is premium and another is on the free version. My understanding is that if you are working in one workspace and everyone uses the same company domain/emails, then everyone will get access to features you have purchased.

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That IS a really good question. I think you would only be charged per team member, but @Alexis can confirm.

I recommend that you add these users as guests if you’re fine with only allowing them to view a limited number of projects.

Here’s some information about adding Guest accounts:

If you’d like details about your plan specifically, we don’t want to expose any of your private information here in the public community, so I suggest you reach out to support here: Asana Support - Help Center • Asana

@Alexis I was under the impression you cannot add guests that use your organization’s email domain. Is that not the case?

True. As a workaround you could add these folks using an alternate email address. Other than that, it looks like upgrading might be your best bet. I encourage you to reach out to support at Asana Support - Help Center • Asana for a more dynamic discussion so we can cater the product experience to your needs.